Veronica's Garden Tracker in Hill Country News

Cassie McKee of Hill Country News was kind enough to interview me and write an article titled "Leander man develops IPad app for garden enthusiasts". I was surprised when I saw myself on the front page of the print edition!

The top article of the June 19th edition was about a local PTA thief. In the middle was a minor league hockey picture. Below that was the article about the app with a goofy picture of me.

Veronica's Garden Tracker version 1.0 released

LEANDER Texas – Jan 14 2014 – Apple approved Veronica's Garden Tracker for sale in their App Store today. Veronica's Garden Tracker for iPad is a simple visual journal of your vegetable garden. It assists vegetable gardeners in tracking what they planted, changing environmental factors, key dates in a growing season and other elements that effective gardeners must look back on to guide their current actions.

The app was created by Jeffery Martin. He left his job at the IT department of The Home Depot in 2012 to found his software company. The company is incorporated in Williamson County. He named it Fluffy White Puppy Software because of his love for his pet Maltese.

In 2009, Martin was inspired to create his app. He had spent hours laboring to build his wife several raised beds. Later, when the seeds his wife had sown germinated, he asked her what type of vegetable the seedlings were. Some of the labels she had put up were missing, some of her notes from weeks before were misplaced, and of the notes she retained some she could not decipher. At that moment, the idea struck him of walking around the garden in the evening after a day's gardening and recording all pertinent information on his wife's iPad mini.

Martin coded the app himself over the course of 15 months. His main challenge was learning the iOS framework because he had never written a computer program for iOS before. Additionally, all image assets (except the app icon) were created by Martin himself. The app icon was created by Antonio Ramos of Energy Logos in Waco. This means Veronica's Garden Tracker was made 100% in Texas.

Veronica's Garden Tracker works on all version of the iPad and iPad Mini. It is available in the app store at this link: